Family Dog Obedience Training - Private Training - Behavioural Consultations - Puppy Consultations - Play and Train Program

The most common reason people choose to give up a dog is a behaviour issue that could have been prevented with proper training and socialization. Dog training is your first step toward responsible dog ownership.

Training is a commitment that takes practice, patience, consistency and compliance from all family members.

We are committed to supporting responsible dog ownership through our own experience and education. It would be an honor and a pleasure to spend time with you and your loyal companion!

We offer several levels of obedience training from Puppy School to Advanced. Please call for dates and times of classes or check our Facebook training page.

Private training is available at our facility as well as in your home. Please contact the trainer for rates and availability. Single sessions and package sessions available.

We offer a Play & Train obedience program scheduled while your dog or puppy is attending daycare. Please see below for more information.

Our training classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors and focus on training dogs through positive reinforcement based training. We provide necessary foundation skills to enhance the quality of life for the dog/owner relationship and bond.

Puppy Starter Class
We offer a 6 week socialization class for puppies 10-16 weeks of age. Each class will include supervised play and interaction between pups as well as training skills for good manners. Socialization with other puppies is crucial at this stage (10-16 weeks). Early socialization enables your puppy to develop proper social and communication skills with other dogs. Your puppy learns to "speak dog" and practice "bite inhibition" which is invaluable engagement with other dogs. In this fun and informative class you will learn many important exercises such as come recall, walking nicely on a loose leash, effective communication, and more! Many problem puppy behaviors will be addressed such as nipping and biting, potty training and catch me if you can. Small group classes (4-6 puppies per class). 50 minute classes once per week. Pre-registration required.

Article: Behavior society supports early puppy socialization

Puppy II Beginner
Beginner obedience class is an all-ages manners and obedience program appropriate for puppies, adolescents and adult dogs. In this 7 week program, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog! You will learn foundation exercises including loose leash walking, come recall, leave it, off, go to your mat and more! We recognize you may need help with problem behaviors such as jumping up, pulling on leash, not coming when called and bolting out the front door. We will help you through all of these behaviors using positive reinforcement training. Small group classes (4-6 dogs per class). 50 minute classes once per week. Pre-registration required.

Puppy III Intermediate
Further your obedience training by adding distraction work and many challenging new commands. This course offers exercises at a distance, out of sight, and increased duration and distraction. Introduction of distractions will be explained and how to break down distractions that you can work through. Puppy II is a pre-requisite. Small group classes (4-6 dogs per class). 50 minute classes once per week. Pre-registration required.

What to bring to class:
* A hungry puppy/dog - please do not feed your dog before class.
* 6ft training leash - no retractable leashes please
* Regular collar - snap or buckle - no prong or choke collars allowed
(head halters are permitted as well as front attaching harnesses).
* A variety of small easy to eat treats (soft and smelly are best).
* Proof of vaccinations.
* A training treat pouch

Dog Obedience Training Rates
* Puppy Starter $225.00 + H.S.T
* Puppy II Beginner $265.00 + H.S.T
* Puppy III Intermediate $255.00 + H.S.T

Private Behavioural Consultations
If you are experiencing behavioural issues with your dog such as potty training in the house, leash reactivity (pulling, lunging, barking), counter surfing, jumping up to greet guests or many others, we can help. This private consultation will focus on assessing the problem behaviours you may be experiencing and setting up a plan to resolve them. This consultation includes an initial assessment (2 hours) and a one hour follow-up scheduled at a later date. Sessions may be held at our location or your home. Please inquire with the trainer for more information. Deposit required to hold a scheduled session. Email support provided anytime after the session. $299.00 + H.S.T. + Mileage

New Puppy Consultation
Congratulations on your new puppy! We will help get you through the best and worst times of puppyhood or prepare you for your puppy's arrival! Get your questions ready! This informative session will answer any questions you have regarding getting your puppy off to the right start. It will include information on potty training, chew toy training, nipping and biting, crate training, nutrition and much more. Many resources provided. This session can be done before or after you get your puppy! Please inquire with the trainer to book a session. Deposit required to hold a scheduled session. Email support provided anytime after the session. $145.00 + Mileage

Play and Train Program
Need a little extra help training your puppy/dog? While your dog or puppy is attending daycare, you can book quality time with our trainer. A private training session can enhance your pup's behaviour and skills in addition to at home practice. Your pup will get the benefit of training and socialization all in one place! Our trainer will practice a variety of exercises with your pup including loose leash walking, communication and focus, leave it, drop it, sit, down, wait and more. Specific training is available upon request. Progress reports are given with each session. Please inquire with the trainer for more information and rates. Sessions available by appointment. Ask us about our package rate!