Doggie Daycare


How will my puppy/dog and I benefit from doggie daycare?

Doggie daycare can help your dog/puppy.........

 relieve boredom and reduce destructive behaviours
 build confidence with other dogs
 maintain good physical and mental health
 decrease stress
 provide much needed mental and physical stimulation
release pent up energy for a better behaved dog/puppy
eliminate owner-absent behaviour problems
have a pawsitively good time with doggie friends

Doggie Daycare provides all these benefits and more! What could be better than eight to ten hours a day of running, jumping, playing and socializing all within a safe, supervised environment. Exercise and socialization are an important part in maintaining a well balanced healthy dog. Dogs left at home for extended periods tend to lack proper exercise and mental stimulation which can lead to problem behaviour. Many dogs lack stimulation, sufficient outlets for their energy, or opportunities to safely socialize with other dogs. Dogs/puppies in our care are monitored during play with other dogs. Our daycare staff are trained and experienced to interpret dog body language so we can ensure that all dogs are safe and comfortable. We provide group play and individual play with a variety of activities.

Daycare Requirements:

Spayed/Neutered (if over 7 months)
Up to date on all vaccinations [DHLPP, Rabies, BORDATELLA (kennel cough)] (exception for puppies under the age of 18 weeks, rabies is not required to attend daycare)
Morning drop off no later than 9:00 AM
Dog & People Friendly
Photocopy or PDF of current Certificate of Vaccination (NO vaccine folders permitted)
Snap buckle collar (quick release collar). No choke chains or prong collars allowed in daycare.

What do I need to bring to daycare for my puppy/dog:

* A lunch if your puppy/dog requires one, clearly labeled in a plastic baggie (preferred) or reusable container (lunches not labeled with the dog's name will be thrown out)
*A rain coat for rainy days (Canada Pooch or RC Pets have rugged products that stand up to the daycare environment)
* A winter coat for cold days (we recommend a quality Shedrow Coat)
* A snap buckle collar for safety

Daycare Enrolment Form (Click here to download a copy)

Vet Care Release Form (Click here to download a copy)


Play and Train Program

Need a little extra help training your puppy/dog? While your dog or puppy is attending daycare, you can book quality time with our trainer. A private training session can enhance your pup's behaviour and skills in addition to at home practice. Your pup will get the benefit of training and socialization all in one place! Our trainer will practice a variety of exercises with your pup including loose leash walking, communication and focus, leave it, drop it, sit, down, wait and more. Specific training is available upon request. Progress reports are given with each session. Please inquire with the trainer for more information and rates. Sessions available by appointment. Ask us about our package rate!

Social Assessment/Session with the Trainer

This one hour session includes the trainer assessing your dog's behaviour and social skills with other dogs. Dogs are introduced gradually (one on one) to your dog to be able to assess social skills and comfort level. This session may be used to evaluate for admission to doggie daycare or if you are unsure how your dog will behave around other dog's off leash. This session allows us to expose your dog to friendly socialized dogs from our doggie daycare in a supervised setting. The trainer will explain behaviours and comfort level as they appear. For more information please contact the trainer. Sessions are only available by appointment. $45.00

Doggie Daycare Passes

Orientation Day * $40.00 * One-time fee.
Full Day $40.00 Pay as you play.
5 Day Pass $190.00 $38.00/day. Save $10.00.
10 Day Pass $370.00 $37.00/day. Save $30.00.
20 Day Pass $715.00 $35.75/day. Save $85.00.
Half Day (maximum 5 hours) $35.00 Pay as you play.
Puppy Daily Rate $35.00  Must be under 6 months.
Puppy Intro Pass ** $188.00 ** Must be under 6 months.

* Orientation Day - First day of doggie daycare. Must be booked in advance. New dogs must arrive at 7:00 am (only on this day).
** Puppy Intro Pass - 6 Full Days for $188.00 + H.S.T. Pass does not include "Orientation Day". Valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Non refundable. No extensions.

* We require 24 hours notice to cancel a daycare reservation *
* Single day, daycare clients require payment in advance to book a reservation *

All prices are subject to H.S.T.
Days do not have to be used consecutively.
All passes are valid for six (6) months from the date of purchase (excluding Puppy Intro Pass).
Please call in advance to book a reservation.
Sorry we do not offer overnight boarding.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring my first day of doggie daycare?

On your first day of daycare, please bring or email prior a completed Daycare Registration Form, Vet Care Release Form and a photocopy or PDF of your dog's most current vaccinations.

What does my dog do all day?

Dogs tend to play in 30-45 minute increments. They wrestle, romp around, then rest. We have several comfy beds for our guests to take a break. We provide plenty of fun activities such as agility games, splash pools and sprinklers, come recall exercises and more!. We have a scheduled day where we rotate between play sessions outdoors and comfy naptime indoors. Daily we practice basic obedience exercises like wait at the door, come recall, sit, down and go to your mat.

Why do you have a nap time?

We have nap time to allow our guests to take a physical and mental break. We have found that just like in human children, when dogs get overtired/over stimulated, they become restless and irritable. This wired feeling can cause upset and agitation which could cause fights. We want our guests as comfortable, safe and happy as possible during their stay with us.

Where do the dogs potty?

We have our own private, fully fenced back yard. We will not ruin your potty training because we are reinforcing potty training all day long. We can even help potty train your puppies!

Do I need an appointment for daycare?

Yes. Clients with recurring reservations receive first priority for available slots for daycare. If you have a variable schedule, call and reserve as soon as you know to reserve your space. Calls made the day of will be admitted only if space allows. For the safety of our guests and staff, we cannot accept dogs without an appointment if we are full. Last drop off time of the day is 9:00 am.

Why can't I stop by any time to see the daycare?

While we would love to show you around, we are unable to take time away from the dogs to give tours during business hours. Many of our daycare dogs, while friendly, find frequent interruptions annoying or even scary. Please give us a call to schedule a tour or meet and greet with your dog at the end of our daycare day at 6:30pm. You can also check out our many photos and videos on our Instagram page.

What if there is an emergency?

Should there be an injury or illness when your dog is in daycare, we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of your dog and other dogs. We will attempt to contact you first, then your emergency contacts. Please keep your contact information up to date. If needed, we will transport your dog to the vet. K9'S in KAHOOTS is not responsible for any costs involved.

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